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Auburn, Maine: Dad Starting the Lawn Mower and Mowing the Lawn. May 2016


Auburn, Maine: Rain On Porch Roof, Traffic On Gamage Avenue, Dawn Birdsong. May 2016


Auburn, Maine: Was home for the holidays and captivated by the pop of the fire in the fireplace. Dozed off as I was recording; my gentle snoring mingles with the crackling of the fire. December 2018


Rockland, Maine: Nearly a mile in length, Rockland's breakwater is a feat of 19th century engineering. It's 700,000 tons of granite protect the harbor. The sound of waves breaking against its stones and burbling back out is rhythmic and soothing, a variation of the sound of surf crashing onto Maine's natural rocky shore. This sound is one of the touchstone's of my childhood growing up in Maine. The ongoing, cyclical, irregular rhythm of the ocean's waves is one that has become entwined with my life. It's something I seek out when traveling, that grounds me when anxious, and ties me to my origins. August 2020