Commercial Work

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Washington, DC: Visiting the Infinite Kusama show at the Hirschhorn, I was struck more powerfully than I expected to be by the Infinity Rooms and other works. While Ji took pictures of she and I in the rooms, I recorded the works with my homemade "light-mics". This recording includes Kusama's "The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", "Love Forever", "Dots Obsession—Love Transformed into Dots" and "Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity". May 2017


Lanesville, MA: As I was sitting on the Lanesville Cove breakwater recording the surf crash into and gurgle out of its stones, the wind was causing an annoying rumble on the recordings. Looking for some way to use the wind, I clipped a pair of JrF contact mics to a guy wire running from an electric pole to the breakwater. August 2017.


Brooklyn, NY: Trimming pages of an artist book with a razor and straight edge; in the background one can hear the ticking of a Chelsea clock in the studio and passing thunderstorm (and traffic) outside the open windows, July 2016


New York City, New York: Part of my photographic practice is making artist books. For the past several years I've been enamored of Riso printing and have used it for several publications. I use the machines at the EFA-RBPMW that are maintained by Endless Editions. This recording is of the printing of one spread of a recent zine, "Corporate Portraits." You can hear the creation of the master, the running of 50 pages and jogging the pages back into a neat block. September 2018.