Why Companies Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Short Answer: Because high quality visuals effectively connect you with your clients.

Humans are highly visual creatures. Strong imagery makes a direct and subconscious connection. Good photography can make an immediate impact in a way that written text cannot. You want cold hard facts?

Let’s start here: If you hear something, you will remember 10% of it three days later. If you hear something and see a picture, you will remember 65% three days later. We are visual creatures and we remember images. This goes for text, too; images beat text. We are incredible at remembering pictures. (Farnam Street)

A former client of mine is a website that helps patients connect to doctors. Doctors subscribe to the site, and the site therefore has an incentive to maximize the effectiveness of the doctors’ profiles so that they continue to subscribe to the service. In test markets, the company saw that some doctors did better than others even though on paper the profiles were extremely similar. Research showed that the difference was due to the quality of the photography. Good photography (as compared to average) led to a 30% better response to a profile in terms of both appointments and follow through. Even though choosing a doctor would seem to be a highly rational decision, a large part if it is the visceral reaction to the image.

Stepping outside of my speciality, let’s look at real estate photography. Research by the National Association of Realtors shows that a single photo on a listing (vs. none) caused a 3.9% higher sales price. RedFin, another real-estate organization, found that a DSLR photograph (equated with professional photographers and higher absolute image quality) led to 61% more views and a 47% higher asking price per sq. foot. Red Fin also found that only 15.4% of listings use professional photography. Red Fin concludes that not using a professional photographer means that one is not really marketing a property. (Zillow; RedFin)

The same could be said of your business. If you’re not using a professional photographer, you’re not really marketing your business. When asking rhetorically why one might hire a professional photographer, Zillow puts it simply: you want to beat your competition.

Better pictures equals more business.

Picture more business. Hire a professional.

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