Professionals want to look professional

This is a risky (risque?) post.

When you’re being photographed, you want to look your best. Nobody comes to me and says, “Make me look terrible.” Not once have I been asked for that. At every stage of image creation there are ways to maximize how good you look. The most obvious things that people think about is the retouching. Some might consider the lighting (I certainly do.) What very few consider is the make up person’s role. I have a make up person I work with and try to get her onto every shoot. She makes my subjects look their best before we ever point a camera their way. Forget retouching; make sure you hire a make up person for your head shots.

While we usually think of Photoshop as that before/after magic maker, The Huff Post has a slideshow of before/after make-up as recorded by Melissa Murphy and shared via her Instagram feed. It is pretty amazing.

Risque? Professional? The before/after subjects are porn stars.

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