New Series of Posts: Book Notes

One can read about photo books all over the web. American, Japanese and European photo books are all covered by numerous blogs. What is more difficult is to find english language reviews of Korean photo books. Since I’ve been building up a collection of books by Korean photographers, I thought some might find it useful for me to write about them here. I realize the irony of my wanting to give exposure to photographers who are almost certainly more well known than I am. (I’m kicking this series off with reviews of books by a couple of the most well known Korean photographers, one of whom is based in NYC…) While some books are available in the States, many are difficult to find if they can be found at all. As I’m particularly interested in books made by small presses, self-published by photographers or hand made, I have a number of books that would likely never get exposure here. When possible, I will include links to where these books can be purchased in the States (based on the assumption that my small readership is based in the States.) For books without stateside distribution, reaching out to one of the bookshops in Seoul from this list is one’s best bet.

My collection of books has become focused on Korean photo books for a couple of reasons. The first is that a collection of any sort needs a direction–something that defines it. While I will buy any interesting photo book that catches my eye (and for a while did so,) I don’t have the time, storage space or the money to buy everything. Every time that I visit Dashwood Books my credit card melts. Choosing a focus gives direction to my collecting and, in combination with regular but infrequent travel to Korea, limits my spending.

That’s the plan for this series of blog posts. We’ll see how this goes.

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