A couple of cool images at Phillips

The auction house Phillips is having auctions of photography this evening and tomorrow. I popped into their galleries to check out the photographs that are headed for the auction block. There were a couple of images that stood out for me:

1. Nobuyoshi Araki’s A/FILM 6×7, 2007 was mightily impressive. I could have spent the entire half an hour I spent at Phillips looking at just this one piece. I didn’t because I didn’t want to seem like a lecherous lout leering at all the naked ladies. There were plenty of naked ladies, but also lots of more mundane images. The plethora of 6×7 transparencies mounted between two sheets of glass was at once big while also intimate. The entire piece held space as a sculptural object while the small images pulled one in close to examine each. And there were naked ladies.

2. Richard Avedon’s Audrey Hepburn, New York, January, 1967 was unexpected and weird. Particularly with the maquette accompanying the finished print, it was far more interesting to see than “The Family”, which is also up for sale.

3. Catherin Opie’s Untitled #8 from Freeway, 1994 was probably the only small print from a contemporary photographer. The only other small prints were Helen Levitt’s and, in their way, Araki’s transparencies. Most prints were in the range of big to gargantuan. The soft curves of the overpass, small scale and pretty tones of the platinum printing process made for a really beautiful piece. It was also one of the few pieces I though, “Now this I could see in my home…”

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