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The Swap

Stuart Pilkington has put together a new project: The Swap. I contributed a portrait of Todd Forsgren who contributed one of me. The page to see our pair is here.

To MFA or Not to MFA

I’ve had this discussion with a number of folks, and the arguments for one side or the other never seem to get any less compelling. Seems this topic is of as much interest to writers as photographers. The key question any aspiring photographer (or writer) ought to be asking is “What are my goals or […]

A couple of cool images at Phillips

The auction house Phillips is having auctions of photography this evening and tomorrow. I popped into their galleries to check out the photographs that are headed for the auction block. There were a couple of images that stood out for me: 1. Nobuyoshi Araki’s A/FILM 6×7, 2007 was mightily impressive. I could have spent the […]