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My favorite picture in a long while

A snap from last week from OnTheGo.photos that I’m quite taken with: Ji on the R Train, Brooklyn. Love the balled up fist, the feet askew and the jaunty movement. Could be that it’s of my wife and I’m smitten with her, which I am.


I have too many cameras and lenses and stuff, and yet sometimes beautiful baubles come along that cause me want. This is one such bauble: It is not the camera that I want, it is the lens. The 40mm focal length on the 35mm format is so right in so many ways. It’s just a […]

Production Line of Value Added Content

Several weeks back, with an hour to kill before a lunch meeting, I dropped by MoMA to see the Christopher Williams show, The Production Line of Happiness. I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but my friend Mika had strongly suggested that I go and see it. I decided to trust Mika, challenge my assumptions and […]

Salgado at the International Center of Photography

Sebastiao Salgado’s photographs are striking. They always have been. His talent is broad. Yesterday I had the chance to see his Genesis project at the ICP. The projects is both sprawling and acute. For many photographers this would have been three or four distinct projects–but Salgado has woven disparate styles, genres and subjects into a […]