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A ball player and the President mug for Samsung (or not)

Licensing dilemma: You are a major multi-national corporation. You have hired a famous ball player to promote your brand. With his access, he takes a photograph of himself with the leader of the free world. This image gets widely retweeted. You’d like to capitalize on this PR bonanza; this is why you’ve paid this ball […]

Look in my eyes

This article caught my eye in the paper yesterday. Thought it doesn’t refer to photography, it undoubtedly has implications for photographic portraiture used in marketing. The article’s import in this context boils down to this: “A richer mode of communication is possible right after making eye contact,” Dr. Senju said. “It amplifies your ability to […]

Who sees stock images?

In a recent blog post, Paul Melcher takes stock of the effectiveness of stock photography. The jumping off point for Melcher’s post is an article in Advertising Age which he summarizes: A recent study revealed by Advertising Age shows that compared to an Instagram image, a stock photo provokes only 1/4 of the reaction. In […]

Amateurs versus Professionals

I dig this. One Amateur versus Professional match up: AMATEURS Believe what people say. PROFESSIONALS Believe what people do.