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Recent Shoot: Peter Lopez

Claudia at Innovate, an online marketing agency, brought me in on a project she was working on for attorney Peter Lopez. Peter’s a super nice guy with a ton of experience in entertainment law. For the web project we shot on location with a street fashion kind of vibe, but I also tacked on a […]

Photos Make Blogging More Effective, But Don’t Steal Them

SEO guru Tom Jacoby of Numberoneonthelist.com gave a short presentation to my BNI chapter this past Tuesday. The presentation covered a few basic things that businesses can do to optimize their online presence from an SEO standpoint without hiring someone to do a full blown SEO campaign. In his handout, he suggests adding photographs that […]

Art market be crazy.

Harry Lunn, the US dealer who created the photographic market, once addressed a symposium back in the seventies. He had two photographs. He said, ‘Here I have a print by Robert Frank from the Americans which I retail for $10,000. Here I have another print by Robert Frank from the Americans, the same picture, which […]

New Review at Korean Photo Books: Kim Gyoo Sik’s Pla-Wars

I’ve posted a new piece at the Korean Photography Books blog. This week’s review is of Kim GyooSik’s Pla-Wars, a slim volume that accompanied his exhibit at the Trunk Gallery in Seoul back in 2009. Beautiful work.

New(ish) Reviews at Korean Photo Books

Several new reviews have been added over at my Korean Photo Books blog more or less recently. Back at the end of March I reviewed Chanmin Park’s Blocks here. The first week of April a review of an annual artists book from Go Dae Gun, Yoo Byung Seo and Lee Yun Ho was posted. This […]