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Recent Shoot: Criminal Defense Lawyer Scott Fenstermaker

I’ve been working with Claudia Hernandez of Innovate Online Marketing frequently of late on websites for lawyers. On the whole, most of the attorneys that I’ve photographed for Claudia have wanted fairly conservative portraits. Scott Fenstermaker was an exception. Scott is a well known high profile criminal defense lawyer. His clients include Guantanamo detainees. For […]

Recent Shoot: LVMH New York Store Managers Cocktail

LVMH brought me in again last week to shoot an event in their Magic Room. I love shooting in the Magic Room because it is magical: 3 stories of floor to ceiling windows looking East, South and West out onto the City. One can even look out on a goodly sliver of Central Park. Gena […]

Recent Photographs: Seoul

While I wasn’t there specifically to photograph, on my recent trip to Seoul I did manage to find some time for long walks and photography. Here are five pictures from those walks:

New Review @ Korean Photo Books

On my Korean Photo Book blog, this week’s review, The Memories of Floating Time, has gone live.

6 Lessons Learned: Interviewing

One 2014 initiative on my blog of weekly Korean photo book reviews is to incorporate interviews. I did my first this past week with the crew at Corners. With the last minute nature of the trip, the interview was hastily arranged but went well and will provide a test case for my planned interview workflow. […]

Best Way to Make the Phone Ring: Leave Town

Speaking with Michael Gansl a couple of weeks back, I mentioned I was worried that I was heading out of town (a planned trip to Mexico now subsumed by a family emergency trip to Korea) and that I’d fall behind on my networking and my sales pipeline would dry up. He told me the old […]

Out of Town: Family Emergency

For anyone trying to reach me for the next week by email or phone my response times are going to be delayed. I’m in Korea due to a family emergency. I’ll be back in the New York on March 8th. While here, I’ll be continuing the regular review schedule on Korean Photography Books with a […]