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One Simple Marketing Tip from the Crazy Guy on the Subway

The crazy man haranguing my subway car this morning is a brilliant marketer. At the very least he has a firm grasp of one important rhetorical device: repetition. The rest of his pitch devolved into paranoia, but his intro was pitch perfect. He began his harangue with the phrase: “The government sees everything but knows […]

Recent Shoot: Veterans Day Event for Shining Service Worldwide

Trish Rubin asked me to volunteer a couple of hours of my time on Veterans Day to an event she was producing for Shining Service Worldwide. The organization supports the successful re-integration of women in the military to civilian life. They held a Makeover Mission in conjunction with Bloomingdales; I was at the Bobbi Brown […]

5 Networking Tips for Photographers

Tip 1: Network This tip ought to be obvious. If you want people to know who you are, you need to go out and meet people. There are any number of philosophies about how to network most effectively, but they call come down to going out and meeting people. If you’re not meeting new people […]

Notebook: Picturing Spain

Notebook:: Notebook: Picturing Spain In September of 2013 Ji and I took her mother to Spain to celebrate her 70th birthday. They took many pictures. I took many pictures of them taking pictures. This is a modern vacation.

Notebook: Old Stones II

Notebook:: New Publication Standing over the excavations beneath the Mercat del Born in Barcelona I felt the same sense of fascination I did in Ephesus in 2011. Here again are stones that were cut and placed centuries ago. As a whole, these piles tell a story of a community. Individually, each stone suggests more personal…

Recent Shoot: Marketwired Influencer Marketing Summit Powered by Sysomos

I photographed Marketwired’s Influencer Marketing Summit at the Eventi Hotel a couple of weeks back. Marketwired’s own Kurt Heineman opened the summit and was followed on stage by Nate Elliot, Keiran Fagan and Mitch Joel. I had a lot of fun on the job and can’t thank Kate Nible, Emily Donoho and Tim Lyons of […]

Kenlock Tilt and Shift Bellows Review

There isn’t a lot of information out there on the interwebs about this device, so I thought I’d share my impressions of it as a working tool in the studio. This is a specialized tool, but one that offers something none of my others does: full perspective control. A Little Background: I cut my teeth […]