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Contemporary Photographers of Note

Over at The Online Photographer Mike Johnston has started putting together a list of the Great Photographers of the Digital/Internet Era. His criteria are that the photographer not have been heard of before 1995. The link above is his first portion of the list he has sourced from his readers. I agree with one of […]

Take it further

The Farnam Street blog is always making fascinating connections between disparate sources. This passage from Murakami’s Norwegian Wood is a nice entry point into into thinking about practice and the process of pushing one’s self forward. There just happen to be people like that. They’re blessed with this marvelous talent, but they can’t make the […]

more important every day

Sooner or later publications are going to realize that a photographer with writing skills is a better investment than a writer with a camera for many situations… The often-heard opinion that camera technology has improved enough to make photographers irrelevant is being refuted every day on the websites of national publications. And these publications are […]