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Crappy vs. Snappy

James Hodgins, a photographer in Sudbury, Ontario, makes snappy photographs of industrial and mining equipment. Many of his clients believe that they can make photographs that are just as good as his… James decided that he would prove them wrong. And so, he invited these clients along on shoots and had them bring their own […]

Book Notes: Black Midday, Taewon Jang

Taewon Jang’s Black Midday presents an unassuming face. Aside from a single thumb cut index and the heft of a brick, its exterior presents none of the turmoil within. I almost passed this book by, which would have been a mistake. Once the cover is opened, the book begins to present a rich and out […]

New Series of Posts: Book Notes

One can read about photo books all over the web. American, Japanese and European photo books are all covered by numerous blogs. What is more difficult is to find english language reviews of Korean photo books. Since I’ve been building up a collection of books by Korean photographers, I thought some might find it useful […]

Money Money Money

The how’s and why’s of not working for free. It’s pretty easy, just say “no.” I do a couple of pro bono shoots every so often, but I long ago learned to say no to working for free.


In Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, a wealthy plutocrat forms a raft with a refurbed aircraft carrier at its center in order to bring biomass (composed of refugees), which could be read as ideas, to the United States from around the Pacific Rim. These infusions of ideas and diversity fuels the American dream (or one darkly […]

The Wayback Machine

A post on the ASMP blog today had a little aside that mentioned archive.org. The site bills itself as the Way Back Machine. In the post, Blake Discher warns that a burned bridge on the internet burns forever. Don’t say anything you’d regret saying in front of your grandmother. I avoid speaking ill of anyone […]

More Rules

After Tina’s talk yesterday, I tried to RSVP for the Creative Mornings event happening this Friday but there are no spots left. As a consolation, I viewed a talk given sometime back by Ji Lee. He closed his talk with a list of rules. Again, the rules provide insight into his process as well as […]

11 Rules

Tina Roth Eisenberg gave a talk yesterday at Scholastic. She structured her talk around 11 rules: 01. Invest your life in what you love 02. Embrace enthusiasm 03. Don’t complain; make things better 04. Trust and empower 05. Experience is greater than money 06. Surround yourself with like-minded people 07. Collaborate 08. Ignore haters 09. […]

Professionals want to look professional

This is a risky (risque?) post. When you’re being photographed, you want to look your best. Nobody comes to me and says, “Make me look terrible.” Not once have I been asked for that. At every stage of image creation there are ways to maximize how good you look. The most obvious things that people […]

Good Adjectives Please

An uncommon, vivid adjective or verb can drive an entire thought and be the difference-maker in motivating followers to take action. Words matter. I want some nasty. – Ben Casnocha on Gregg Popovich’s choice of adjectives in spurring the Spurs forward during last year’s NBA playoffs As I mentioned in a previous post, using the […]