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Pleasantly Surprised

VAWA passed. Looks like the qualms from the right about the added protections in the new bill melted away as political posturing. Good.

struck stunned and dropped dead*

In my RSS feed are a number of photo blogs. Most of them are criticism and industry news, but several simply highlight photographers’ projects. Each day they present a small slide show of roughly ten photographs. What has struck me over the last few days is the frequency of over wrought superlatives in the headlines. […]

Men Trapped In Ice

Out of the NY Times: Robert Longo, “Men Trapped In Ice” (1980). Metro Pictures. via.

True and Accurate

Dennis A. Mook commented on a post over at The Online Photographer regarding the kerfuffle with Paolo Pellegrin’s winning WPP entry. “Thirty-eight years ago, and for several years, I was a forensic police detective. Part of my duties was to photograph the scenes of crimes, from minor incidents to homicides. When on the witness stand […]

Challenge of the Future

Challenge of the Future played a benefit concert for Sebastian Quezada’s daughter this past friday: I’m not affiliated other than my brother in law being in the band, but if you want to contribute, you can do so here.

Schumann and McCurry

Scott Schumann speaks with Steve McCurry. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five How fascinating.

Recent Photograph: Steven Eckhaus for Katten

Steven Eckhaus for Katten. Steven is Katten’s head of the Executive Employment Practice. His bio on the Katten site is seriously impressive. During the shoot we got to talking about his son who is a fashion designer; Mike and his partner Zoe do some cool stuff.

Do more of what works!

Is something working to push your business forward? Do more of it! This is something that I’ve been finding. Referrals are where most of my business comes from. Why wouldn’t I put more effort into getting more? Conversely, why would I put time or money into efforts that have not yielded results? In the linked […]

Good Work: Self Evident Truths

iO Tillet Wright’s Self Evident Truths project is simple, direct and powerful. It is worth spending some time with. http://selfevidentproject.com