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Finding New Solutions: Considering the Sony Nex-7 for Studio Work

I’m all about finding new solutions that allow me to produce photographs that go beyond my clients’ expectations. Sometimes those new solutions mean considering a “step down.” Bigger and pricier is not always better. Recently the work I’ve been shooting for several ongoing clients has led me to find innovative solutions while keeping my clients’ […]

More than just the message

It is the small things that can make a difference. In marketing materials, we consider the big picture and the details. In our day to day communications, the smallest details are often left to fend for themselves. This may not be wise. On Farnam Street, there is an interesting quote about the “fluency effect:” Which […]

How do you find a photographer?

As I want to make the process of finding and hiring me as easy as possible, I’m always curious how my clients come to me. Most clients come to me directly through face to face networking, and I love connecting directly with businesses who need photographers. Multiple streams of marketing are good though, and one […]


Well, these photos are a little unsettling. via.

Only fools believe the means is as important or significant as the end.

“Advertising has evolved into a business driven by megalomaniacs who know a lot about making money but little or nothing about making advertising. In some respects it’s also being driven by “creatives,” who have it wrong to the opposite extreme. They believe the ad or commercial is everything and that winning awards is something. They’ve […]