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Minding the Gap

This is the second post following up on ideas presented at the ILWOO Foundation’s Conference on Contemporary Photography held on December 1st. Suejin Shin was the next to the last presenter and the most interesting. Shin is not a photographer or a curator and so approaches photography from a different angle. She is a psychologist […]

On Reading

When evening has come, I return to my house and go into my study. At the door I take off my clothes of the day, covered with mud and mire, and I put on my regal and courtly garments; and decently reclothed, I enter the ancient courts of ancient men, where, received by them lovingly, […]

Too many books? Hardly.

This will be the first in a series of posts exploring ideas from the ILWOO foundation’s Conference on Contemporary Photography held several weeks ago. This series will likely be the first and only English language follow up on the conference. Of the presenters, Markus Hartmann was among the handful whose names I knew. His presentation […]

Not OK

This is crazy. Unacceptable. How many mass shootings does that make this year? As a country we need to have a discussion on stricter gun control laws.

Initial Edits

I’m still early in the editing of all of the photographs taken in the last few weeks and none of these have received any post processing or even been selected for any final purpose. I just happen to like them. That may or may not last.

Picture: Aperture in Felt

Hole in construction site felt fence. Seoul. Korea. November 2012.

Picture: Seoul

Seoul. Korea. December 2012.