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Putting out fires

I had a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. Or, I was supposed to have had one. Instead, when I arrived I was informed that the doctor was not in as she had been called to an emergency. That is all good and well, but why was I being told on arriving at the office […]

Hello? Hello? Does anyone know that I’m here?

There’s a bit of a kurfuffle in the music world: NPR Intern Emily White posted that she owns 11,000 songs but has only purchased 15 CDs; the rest were acquired more or less illegally (meaning she stole that shit!). Ben Lowery posted a response describing the direct affect Emily’s (and her peers’) ethical decisions have […]

It’s a business

There is a difference between being a good photographer and being a successful photographer who runs a great business. I know lots of amazing photographers who are broke. The difficult thing about the photography business is you have to apply yourself just as hard to both the photography and business aspects. If you’re painfully dedicated […]

Value yourself

The above is from OWS’s Tumblr feed; I came across it on Jim Johnson’s (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography. It reminds me, tangentially, of a post a while back on Kirk Tuck’s blog in which he dissects a shoot and touches on his attire. This is the relevant quote: At this juncture I’ll mention […]

Recent Portraits

Too many words lately on the blog. It’s about time there were some photographs. A couple of pictures from a recent portrait shoot of a lawyer. He preferred a couple of cleaner shots from the shoot, but I liked these two:

simply must do

Ray Bradbury once said, “Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.”

Signal, noise and diminishing returns

An article on Advertising Age questioning Zuckerberg’s Law reminded me of a post I made a couple of weeks ago highlighting a post by David Saxe on the Black Star blog and an excerpt of Nassim Taleb’s forthcoming book AntiFragile on the Farnam Street blog. Signal is all important in reaching an audience. It doesn’t […]

Dawning of a new age?

Sometimes various threads come together. Articles, blog posts, books and loose ideas begin to merge. Last month I reread Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. I was heading out of the house and picked the paperback off of the shelf to have something to read on the subway. I tore through the book. It […]

A Walk in the Woods

A new study looks at the mental health benefits of spending time in natural environments. The Globe and Mail has an article. The study is an interesting tangent to the work I am making in the woods of Maine and Korea. That project, Home Evergreen, is about identity, modern origin myth, and the invisible threads […]