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Thinking about hiring a photographer?

Hire me! Just kidding. Actually, this post is to point out that Black Star has an eBook giving advice to corporate buyers about why and when to hire a photographer. They’d obviously like you to hire one of their photographers, but you can hire me or any other photographer who can create the images that […]

Social media not social?

This post is not about Facebook’s IPO. Photographer David Saxe has a post that I think pretty much hits the nail on the head regarding social media: Netbarf and Other Ills. The gist of the post is that social media isn’t as effective as everyone would have you believe. He contends that people are primarily […]

Trees and Networks

Via Barry Ritholz’s ever informative Big Picture Blog I came across RSA Animates’ The Power of Networks. I have always found RSA Animates videos to fascinating and this one was no exception. Each tends to add several books and thinkers to my to read and to research lists. As I have been photographing trees lately […]

Why Photos Matter, according to the WSJ

An article in the WSJ this morning described the value of quality photographs in selling a company’s services and products. The article takes its queue from the negative of the previous sentence: bad photos hurt your business. The take away from the article is essentially this: “poorly considered pictures can hurt a company’s sales and […]

The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

Via Copenhagenize.com I saw this film by William H. Whyte: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces – The Street Corner. I find it fascinating. Direct link to video.

Irving Penn Archive

When I was teaching my portrait classes at the Educational Alliance Art School, I tried to mix up the photographers I was showing in the weekly slideshows from session to session. One photographer whose work I showed in every course was Irving Penn. His is one of the most discerning and innovative visions of the […]

Tripod Head

My old Bogen 3029 three way head, nearly 15 years old has been driving me crazy of late. It is a little sticky in its movement. It has always been a little sticky in its movement. My Novoflex Mini Magicball is a wonderful looking head and very light, but not the most practical. It was […]

Don’t run red lights on your bike

This morning I rode my bike into Manhattan. I’m not a saint on my bike, but I’m not an idiot, either. Along Flushing Ave beside the Navy Yard in Brooklyn there was a police car on the far side of an intersection and two officers were clearly writing a cyclist a ticket for, I assume, […]

Mexico is beautiful

For my birthday, Ji took me to Mexico. It never ceases to blow my mind how beautiful the world around us can be. There might be beauty in the everyday, but some places just vibrate with beauty. The ruins, reef and jungle around Tulum are among the most visually stunning places I’ve ever been. Much […]