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Notebook: Seoul Street Corner

And the third issue of Notebook: in 2012. Notebook:: Seoul Street Corner Ji and I ate omurice for lunch in the Hongdae neighborhood, not far from her childhood home, one day in November 2009. I set my camera on the table to take a photograph once every thirty seconds while we were eating. These are […]

Notebook: Self Portrait 1997

I should have noted in the previous post that I have a backlog of Notebook: issues that I am uploading as they are ready. Here is the second of 2012: Notebook:: Self Portrait 1997 In 1997 I was in high school and working at the Motophoto in the Auburn Mall. I spent a lot of […]

Notebook: Morse Mountain, ME

I just uploaded a new issue of Notebook: to MagCloud. Take a look. Download the free digital edition or purchase the printed edition. Notebook:: Morse Mountain, ME A selection of ten photographs taken on a hike over Morse Mountain to the sea. These landscapes are outtakes from a larger project I am working on in […]

Seth Godin on making a ruckus in one’s industry

Saw this on Seth Godin’s blog this morning. On making a ruckus in your industry Bring forward a new idea or technology that disrupts and demands a response Change pricing dramatically Redefine a service as a product (or vice versa) Organize the disorganized, connect the disconnected Alter the speed to market radically Change the infrastructure, […]