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New Kit 2

The previous post is fun kit considerations. This post is reality kit considerations. This morning I went to Adorama to pick up a couple of items to make life easier while shooting some product this afternoon. I’m doing a test for a jewelry retailer which needs photographs for its website catalog. I’ve been using a […]

New Kit: A Wealth of Options

Last year I upgraded my primary shooting gear. My old DSLR was getting a little long in the tooth, clients were asking about higher resolution deliverables and I wanted to be up to date. So I bought a new full frame camera, switching systems to Sony from Nikon. I can’t see needing to replace it […]


My friend Dave Berger has been going to Ghana every summer for the past several years working on a project to bring electric lighting to rural villages there. The project was conducted through the Cooper Union and run by Professor Toby Cumberbatch. The project, SociaLite, seeks to bring light to rural villages in Ghana in […]


Ji and I have been redoing our kitchen. Actually, it would be fairest to say that my brother in law Seth is redoing the kitchen, I am providing unskilled labor and Ji is making executive decisions and overseeing the process. Our kitchen is currently non-existent to the extent that we can’t cook and the attached […]

Changing the paradigm

One of the tasks that I’ve set for myself this year is to network more. I’ve been looking to reach out into the world in order to find new connections and, ultimately, new clients. Part of doing so has required that I examine how I present myself and talk about my business. Another aspect has […]

Site Updates

I’ve been tinkering with the website. While Ji would like to see a complete overhaul, I like the basic design and so the tinkering has been mostly taking out projects that aren’t directly related to finding new clients and adding more client projects onto the site. I’ve added galleries for work done for the Adams […]


I’m a sucker for bookstores. When I travel or even just walk down the streets in NYC, I am constantly popping into bookshops. My wife has grudgingly learned to accept that I cannot resist the siren call of bound paper for sale. Flavorpill had a slideshow today of the