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Going to Hong Kong

I’m heading to Hong Kong to visit Ji, do some networking and generally have a great time adding another stamp to my passport. Got an assignment for me along the way? Call me!

Making the most of available time

Now that I have plenty of time on my hands, I can spend it working through my to do list. There will be plenty of time for the wedding planning, portfolio redesign, new Seoul book layout and getting a leg up on all the reading I’ve been meaning to do. There’ll be plenty of time […]

A couple from Korea

A few photographs from Korea. I haven’t done a full edit yet, but these three caught my eye. I think they show the three directions my Korea work is moving conceptually.

An end and a new start

As of this past Tuesday, I am no longer employed by NES Group. With margins slim from the rising price of silver, the company was looking to trim expenses. A second photographer was deemed unnecessary. Full time was both a blessing and a curse. Being let go from full time employment is also both a […]