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Via Colin Pantall’s blog, I saw this Tod Papageorge quote: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not reading enough.”

Unknown threads

I was replying to a LinkedIn request and while there found another artist’s website. Margaret Neill is an artist whose works feel, to me, similar to mine. Her intent, her process and even her medium are different, but the end image is not so far different. Her Prospectus series of pencil on paper and Steamer […]

A few photos from Korea

A few snaps from Korea out of the digi-cam. There are a bunch of pictures from the 645 and 35mm color that look great, but I’ve not had chance to scan them yet. These are the best that came out of the Ricoh. I’m feeling like I never really got on with this camera and […]

Film processing done

Just finished processing the last of the black and white film; still need to contact it. Negs look good. I think I’ll have plenty of good frames to work with. Picked up the 645 chromes from the lab last week. They look great–except frames 14 and 15 on every roll. The film transport in my […]

Heading homeward

Sitting in the airport now. Having coffee with Mrs Lee, Ji, Ji Yeon and Sung Jae. Our flight boards in about an hour. We’ll have to head to security in a half an hour or so. Our trip is ending. My back pack is full of exposed film and Ji’s rolling bag is full of […]

Korea is, as always, great

It has been a busy couple of weeks thus far here in Seoul. We’ve been here there and everywhere. I’ve walked what must be close to fifty miles–as I write that it doesn’t sound so impressive, but it’s been a lot of walking. We’ve eaten our way from one end of the city to the […]