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Atoms For Peace

Went up to the Roseland last night with Ji, Dave, Wendy, Nam Wha and James to check out Atoms for Peace. It was pretty cool. I haven’t been to a big concert like that in a while and, while it wasn’t the best show I’ve been to, it was fine rock and roll. Since I […]

Spring is springing

Spring is here. The weather is starting to turn–today was beautiful. This is contributing to my slow pace of posting. With the warmer weather I’m hoping to return to my bicycle commute (yes, I’m a fairweather cyclist). So I’ve been spending a lot of time overhauling my bike and waiting for new parts. Today I […]

I hate hot linkers

I love links. Want to tell someone about this blog or my site? Please do. The more the better. I hate hotlinking. I especially hate hotlinking when another photographer is given credit–even if it is on a spam blog. The five spam filled blogs that stole photos over the last couple days can bugger off. […]