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Journeys @ 88 Orchard extended

My exhibition of my Journeys photographs at 88 Orchard has been extended through February 15th. If you’ve got a free afternoon and haven’t yet, please stop in. 88 Orchard is at the corner of Orchard Street and Broome Street in the Lower East Side. B/D to Grand Street or the F to Delancy/Essex will both […]


The artist statement that goes along with my Journeys work begins with the line: “Everything is always in flux, constantly shifting.” That seems particularly apt right now, though maybe less so the next couple of years. For the last seven years I’ve been working as a freelancer, scrambling after jobs and seeking exhibition opportunities for […]


Things are bleak in Haiti. I have been seeing the pictures coming out and been transfixed by the destruction. I’ve donated to MSF and hope you’ll do the same either through MSF or another of the numerous aid groups working to get relief into Haiti.


My favorite spam comment yet: Even As,character milk stay prove intention challenge once young attack gas involve entitle busy stick growth offer recognition scene examination yesterday path cabinet handle any poor conclusion knee loss show crisis fast sure up of attach working relatively understanding desire no-one half youth decide insurance suddenly control introduction deliver programme […]

Opening Reception this Thursday

I’m showing a selection of photographs from my Journeys series at 88 Orchard, a cafe on NYC’s Lower East Side. 18 of my photographs will be on exhibit through the end of January. There is an opening reception this Thursday, January 7th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Wine and snacks will be on hand courtesy of […]

Happy New Year

Let’s hope the new year brings us all health and happiness. A couple of pictures from the New Year’s snowstorm here in Maine:

Server attacked on Christmas…

and I’m only just getting everything back online. Hacker’s attacked my host’s servers on Christmas day shutting down everyone’s websites. A big thanks to Chris Garson for all of his effort in getting the server straightened out. Replacing all of the html pages that were overwritten was easy. I’ve only just gotten the blog back […]