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Back in New York

Returned Sunday night to New York and went right back to work the next morning for a long day of tabletop and then teaching. Jet lag hit me pretty hard today, but I’m hoping to get a second batch of pictures up on the blog tomorrow night. I miss Seoul already.

Korea Photos: Mok Yok Tang

Two from Gyeong Ju. Exterior and interior are from two different baths we went to during our stay in Gyeong Ju.

Back from Gyeong-Ju

Ji and I went to Gyeong-Ju with her mother to check out the Silla Era royal tombs, so I was away from my computer for most of the past week, ergo no posts. Now I’m back. The trip was a lot of fun. The landscape around Gyeong-Ju is beautiful, mountains every way you turn, and […]