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Yerba Buena: Tasty

My buddy Evan was visiting from Houston this past weekend. We stopped in to his cousin Chris’ new restaurant Saturday night. I’m not a food writer, so I kept saying the same thing over and over again during the meal: “This is amazing.” Sometimes I managed to say, “This is unbelievable.” The food was, not […]

Free Music: Stateside Stereo

My buddy Evan is part of Stateside Stereo. I’d mentioned the band’s recent EP a few posts below. He asked that I share the EP through this blog; he wants to get the music out into the world. So, check out their pop inflected rock. If you like it, consider purchasing through Amazon or iTunes. […]

Blog updates

If any subscribers got all of the blog posts in their feed again, my apologies. I updated each blog post with a title so that the archives were more accesible. Lots of new posts upcoming. In the meantime, check out my friend’s band: Stateside Stereo. Pick up the EP at Amazon or on iTunes.

Labor Day in Maine

9/5/09 Ji and I are in Maine for the long Labor Day Weekend. She took Friday off, so we’ve got four days to while away. Actually, two and a half left. A rundown of our activities thus far in pictures: We walked past my neighbors overgrown cement retaining wall on our way to lunch on […]