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Shopping for Hard Drive

8/24/09 My hard drives are nearly full. Between daily digital snaps and 4×5 scans, I’ve been going through a lot of storage. On top of filling up drives, the throbbing hum coming from the bearings in one of my drives suggests an imminent failure (all data has been backed up to other drives.) Looks like […]

Joshua Allen Harris

8/22/09 Saw this on Reciprocity Failure. Very cool.

Brooklyn Drivers II

8/20/09 This isn’t a blog about traffic or urban design, but here’s another note on Brooklyn drivers: My brother turned 26 on Tuesday, so there was a dinner at Peter Luger’s. I showed up a few minutes early and hung out on the corner. In the five minutes I was waiting, I saw two drivers […]

Between Apprehension and Truth

8/17/09 This is a little last minute, but if you could spare the time, please take a moment to vote for my book, Between Apprehension and Truth, in Blurb’s Photo Book Now People’s Choice Award. Between Apprehension and Truth is a series of photographs that traces the changing social fabric of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine, […]

8/17/09 So I’ve been working my new gig for three weeks now; well, going on three weeks. I am conflicted about the job. On the one hand, freelance work has been slow the last several months and so any work is welcome. I’ve financed several recent shows with credit cards and need to get rid […]

New PS

8/15/09 I just got a new point and shoot camera. It is a lot of fun and fits anywhere. Love it. One picture from the last couple days. It won’t win any prizes, but whatever. I’m going to have to get more hard drive space.

Fiction Plane @ Mercury Lounge

8/15/09 Shot Fiction Plane @ Mercury Lounge this past Thursday. Good band, fun show. One picture I liked:

Brooklyn Drivers

Accidents and assholes in Brooklyn.