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7-23-09 8:15. I need to leave the house now. Baubles and trinkets need photographing.

The Accidental Job

7/21/09 I accidentally got a job. This isn’t a bad thing. Now I can pay off the credit cards that have been funding the creation and exhibition of my work the last couple of years (not to mention a couple of trips I shouldn’t have taken). However, it is just disorienting when one goes into […]

AFA: Natural Construct

7/5/09 Easy peasy ride back to NY yesterday. Watched the fireworks and knocked back a few brews on the roof of Cass and Sarah’s place over on 4th Ave. The opening reception went well. Good turn out, especially given that it was a holiday weekend. Many thanks for all those who came out and all […]

AFA Opening

7/3/09 Hanging out and finishing up all the details for tonight. Opening starts in just about an hour. I should probably stop by Camerawork to say hello to Ivana in the next few minutes and then change quickly. Gotta look at least a little cool for the opening. Or at least more so than at […]

Nay Aug Park

7/2/09 Swimming in Nay Aug Park today with Nicole, Jess and Bo the dog. Don’t tell the ranger; the brook felt great.

Scranton, Party Town

7/1/09 Whoa. Scranton knows how to have a good time. Thanks to Rich, Billy and Nicole for a fun evening. And The Moneynotes @ the Bog were great; realy good time. Pictures are all very blurry after Nicole’s sangria. Oh, and Billy Rogan knows his six string. Man might have a future.

Hanging @ AFA

7/1/09 Big thanks to Earl Lehman, Ward Roe and Barbara (I don’t know your last name) for their help hanging Natural Construct. The show went up in only moments–blink and the hanging was over. Show looks great. Gallery with its re-finished walls and floor looks fabulous.


6/24/09 I’m reframing a bunch of work for my show down in Scranton, which is opening next week. When I was in school, one of the professors made an offhand comment about acquiring frames that would be used over and over again for shows. I’ve found that advice to be exactly right. Each of the […]

Between Apprehension and Truth

6/24/09 Put this book together for the Blurb Photo Book Now contest. For the past ten years or so I’ve been photographing Auburn and Lewiston, Maine where I grew up. The photographs are as much about my own state of mind and vantage as about any objective documentary truth. Please take a moment to check […]

Photography Homepages

6/13/09 Time gets away from me. Been working on a couple of submissions, a July show and a last minute show in Brooklyn–announcements coming soon on the two opportunities to see my work. Surfing the web today I came across PhotographyHomepages.com, a listing of photographers’ and photography related websites. I submitted my site for inclusion. […]